Outdoor Yoga at Derby’s Darley Park

Yoga in Derby

It was so lovely, after such a long time not seeing bodies move in front of me, to see my students flowing together. The buzz everyone felt before, during & after class was almost euphoric. Having that community vibe back in group classes was hugely more impactful for all of us than maybe we’d given credit for.

Yogis in the park

Our outdoor Yoga classes in Derby, Darley Park, consisted of people of various ages and abilities. It was nice to see some of my regulars and those who attended outdoor classes last summer. Along with new faces. The great thing about these sessions was that everyone was at different levels and experience. We had such a range from dancers, boxers, triathletes, cyclists, you name the sport, they turned up. Along side them were nurses, teachers, mums and complete yoga beginners. All flowing, moving, connecting together. Yoga really is accessible to anyone who is open to it.

At one with nature

Nothing beats fresh air in your lungs, the earth beneath your feet and the birds singing while we flow. Flowing in nature changes your perspective. Without 4 walls and a studio mirror, you are given the opportunity to tune in to your ability to know & feel your body. With a perfectly flat floor postures such as split dog can feel great, but as soon as you move on an uneven surface such as grass, you notice muscles engaging more, breath becoming more conscious all in order to stabilise the body and find the balance. Even with the extra wobbles on the uneven surface I had such wonderful feedback after the outdoor classes.

Final thoughts…

Outdoor yoga - Like a mini spa break for body & mind. As a Yoga teacher, yoga in nature is something that I would recommend to everyone. But don’t take my word for it, check out what some of my yogis said:

“I always find being outdoors really lifting”


“Looking up at the sky, gentle breeze, sunshine & the birds tweeting are so calming.”


“The connection to the outdoors & the sky above.”


“It’s like the world is joining in”


“Sights, sounds & smells. It’s like a mini-break.”


I can’t wait for the sun to come out again so we can gather in the park & flow together again. Now let’s manifest some sunshine.

Let me know below how you found your outdoor experience or what you’re looking forward to once we start back outside again.

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