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Corporate Yoga 

Welcome to MindFit Yoga, supplying you with rejuvenating corporate mindful yoga sessions in Derby. A healthy, balanced workforce is essential for a thriving business. Our tailored yoga classes bring the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to your workplace. After your session you can expect to see reduced stress, enhanced productivity and grateful staff for investing in their wellbeing. 

Why Choose Corporate Yoga in Derby?

Rolling Yoga Mat

Benefits of Yoga Classes in Derby

  • Stress Reduction: Using a combination of movement, mindfulness, breathing techniques and meditation to combat workplace stress. These techniques have been proven to reduce anxiety and boost overall wellbeing. 

  • Improved Focus: Yoga involves a fair amount of concentration, with breath and body connection. This means their minds are focussed and present. Staff won’t be worrying about the work project, home life or what’s on their to-do list. This break away gives staff a reset, refresh which translates to better decision making and increased productivity. 

  • Physical Fitness: Yoga is a mindful practice. Meaning there’s a combination of conscious placement when moving through poses, breath control & muscle activation. In the western world we sit, a lot! The great news is, yoga aims to counter act the ‘slouch’ position. Which is why yoga is famously known for being the number one go to for improving posture, in turn reducing back pain. 

  • Team Building: The word ‘Yoga’ translates to unite. Which is why it is a fabulous way to get a sense of unity and camaraderie among staff. Yoga establishes a harmonious environment which in turn creates clearer, calmer collaborative work.

  • Health and Wellness: Investing in the physical, spiritual, emotional and social wellbeing of your staff will demonstrate you business is committed to the overall health and wellness of your employees. Promoting wellness over illness is not only an investment in your staff but the success of your business.


Make yoga part of your workplace. Schedule in your corporate yoga class.
Go on, let's create a more balanced, focused, and motivated environment for your workforce. I can't wait to hear about the increase in positivity, productivity and a happier, healthier workplace.

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