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Having completed my Yoga teacher training in India over 6yrs ago I am passionate about sharing the knowledge gained from Indian Yogi Gurus. As a professionally trained dancer I naturally chose to teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga which allows me to bring freedom and creativity into each and everyone of my classes.

My classes are for all levels allowing students to choose their preferred level of intensity. Through extensive knowledge of the body and how it is able to move, I am able to guide my students into learning more about their bodies and understanding the benefits of each yoga pose. This enables them to deepen their stretching and strengthen their muscles.

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The Journey so far...

Through this pandemic we’ve found a new way of connecting & practicing. This video shares the importance of MindFit Yoga’s online practice, the experience and the journey so far. Connect with likeminded individuals who are continuing to explore yoga in the comfort of their own homes.  

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