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MindFit Yoga Classes 

MindFit Yoga classes focus on mindful movement, with no pressure to 'perfect' postures. Creating body awareness and breath connection through fun, playful movement sessions. 
Feel aligned and strong with the flexibility (mind and body) to move more freely on and off the mat. 

Private Class 

1-1/2-1 sessions tailored to your needs.

Nervous about not getting the poses quite right or working with limitations/injuries? This is the one for you. Maybe you just want 60 minutes to yourself, or the group class times don't suit your schedule. Let's find a time that works for you. 


Newly qualified teachers: use this hour to ask questions about anything from class plans & adjustment to verbal cues, or any other teaching element you may be pondering about. 

Vinyasa Flow 

A flowing style physical practice synchronising movement & breath connection. Find the traditional postures like downward facing dog, but expect some other more contemporary creative movements too. Aimed to suit all who like to move their bodies.

Mobility & Flexibility 

Awaken and align your body.

This class will be aimed at those wanting a better range of movement. You’ll find a combo of yoga, Pilates & functional movement in this class, aimed to improve both strength & flexibility. A strong focus on mindful movement & body awareness will leave you feeling relaxed and balanced.


 Note: no arm balances or headstands here. 

Bodhi Ropes Suspension

A fun workout really does exist!! Join this unique class to experience full body connection & workout. What's involved? Think Pilates vs Aerial Yoga. Expect to use muscles you've forgotten about (or didn't know you had) & get that core fired up!!


2 ropes & 4 suspension points. No previous experience required, however, before booking we will assume you are not rehabilitating an injury and/or are in pain.

Hot Yoga

An invigorating 60 min Vinyasa Flow with heat. Expect 30-35 degrees temperature. Boost your mood, up your stamina & sweat those toxins out.


Bring a towel & water, we’ll bring the tunes to keep you flowing. The relaxation at the end of this class is like no other! Bliss.

Restorative Yoga 

This class provides you with the space to be still & rest. Expect a handful of relaxing poses, one breathing technique & 90 mins of rest. All equipment provided but you may like to bring your favourite blanket. We aim to get as comfortable as possible in each pose, find stillness & rest. No stretch, just relaxation. Suitable for all. 


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Abbie is the best yoga teacher around! I love that every class is different and varied, Abbie will push you when she knows you can go further, and brings a great sense of humour. No matter what your ability, classes are tailored to suit everyone and flow seamlessly. I can highly recommend!
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